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NEST City housing scheme Islamabad is a planned residential community in Pakistan’s Wah Taxila. All of the latest conveniences that one would expect in state-of-the-art homes are accessible here. National Engineering Science and Technology City (NEST city) is an acronym for National Engineering Science and Technology City. It will provide people with all of the amenities they desire without isolating them from city life. It is located on the outskirts of the Taxila region, in a lush green hilly environment. You will enjoy both the comforts of modern living and the serenity of nature.


Over 3000 acres of land are set aside for residential usage, while around 600 acres are set aside for educational institutes such as medical colleges, agricultural universities, engineering colleges, universities, schools, colleges, and combined forces cadet colleges. In the capital city of Islamabad, a hospital of world standards is also under construction. Within the Nest City housing scheme wah Cantt , there are also parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, and other sports-related sites. The following article will discuss each and every detail related to NEST City housing scheme which majorly cover developers of the society, location , masterplan , NOC details and luxurious facilities offered by NEST City.


NEST City Wah Cantt Developers :


Every NEST city in the country is committed to providing the best possible services to government employees, private employees, and the general public. Within the residential city, many of NEST City’s housing schemes include free education, health services, wi-fi, and transportation. The NWS employees’ smart housing plan, NEST city Islamabad, is currently available for purchase.

Over 3000 acres of land are set aside for residential usage, while around 600 acres are set aside for educational institutes such as medical colleges, agricultural universities, engineering colleges, universities, schools, colleges, and combined forces cadet colleges. In the NEST city of Islamabad, there is also a hospital of world standards in the works. Within NEST City Islamabad, there are also parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, and other sports-related spaces.


NEST City Wah Cantt a NOC Approved Society :


NEST City Islamabad has gotten all of the necessary legal approvals well in advance. If you need to verify the veracity of these approvals with your own trustworthy means, below are the registration numbers.

Government of Pakistan Registration number RF/ICT/21069-2016

SECP Inc.No.0099346,

Add. DC Order No.414ADCR-20/01/2021

PTA Lic. No.W-6-28

ICCI Reg.No.CM-2540

FBR STR No.327786138320

NTN 7263586-1,PEC Reg.No.445)


NEST City Wah Cantt Location :

NEST City housing scheme Islamabad is situated on the Brahma Bahtar Interchange, M1 in the Wah Taxila region, close to the country’s capital. It will provide homeowners with a wonderful mix between the hectic city life and the tranquil, lush green hills. It will provide residents with the opportunity to live a healthy, modern, and elegant lifestyle while remaining near to nature. It is well connected to the road network. It’s right on the Islamabad-Peshawar highway, and your guests will have no trouble finding it. It is also in close proximity to Wah Cantonment. From this housing society, it takes less than an hour to get to the airport.

In the neighbourhood of NEST City, there is also an amusement park, which will undoubtedly appeal to families with young children. There is a decent grocery, garage, and animal clinic all within a few minutes walk. There is also a park named Skyland Family Park, which is ideal for quick weekend getaways. It will provide a pleasant experience because it is neat and clean, as well as economical and enjoyable for the entire family. You’ll also find several decent restaurants near the amusement park.

NEST City Wah Cantt Master Plan :

The master plan of the housing society is the main pillar of the construction and development process. The master plans comprise all the essential entities of the society. NEST city wah cantt master plan is marked as exemplary as it is designed according to international infrastructure standards. According to society’s master plan the society is majorly composed of multiple plots of different sizes including 5,7,10,12 and 18 marla. All plots are categorised as “ plots for sale” for residential and commercial purposes, other than this society offers a wide range of luxuries.

NEST City Wah Cantt Payment Plan :

NEST City Islamabad has residential plots available for purchase. There are many plot sizes available, and the pricing is relatively inexpensive right now because the developers are offering a 10% discount. The NEST ity’ payment plan will allow you to choose the most convenient and least taxing payment choice. The cost of the plot in Canelectricity4 can be paid in four easy monthly instalments. As a down payment, you simply need to pay 10% of the total price. You will be able to own a plot of your own in the NEST city just by depositing this small price. You can then pay in quarterly instalments, with the balance due when you take ownership.

The plot price does not include development fees such as road maintenance, electricity, security, and so on. The membership price varies between 5000 and 10,000 dollars, depending on the size of the plot purchased. You can purchase a plot at this low introductory price and begin construction on the home of your dreams in our ideal residential community.

There are five different kinds of non-category plots. The specifics for each plot, as well as the price and instalment amount for the four-year instalment payment plan, are listed below.

NEST City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot for Sale :

This is a 2550 plot with a 2,350,000 price tag. A down payment of 235,000 will be required, as well as a confirmation payment of 235,000. The remaining 1,880,000 can be paid in 117,500-dollar quarterly instalments.

NEST City Wah Cantt  7 Marla Plot for Sale :

The price of this 3060 plot is 3,402,600. A down payment of 340,260 will be required, as well as a confirmation payment of 340,260. The remaining 2,722,080 will be paid in 170,130-dollar quarterly instalments.

NEST City Wah Cantt 10 Marla Plot for Sale :

The price of this 3570 plot is 4,635,695. A down payment of 463,569 will be required, as well as a confirmation payment of 463,569. The remaining 3,708,556 dollars can be paid in 231,784-dollar quarterly instalments.

NEST City Wah Cantt 12 Marla Plot for Sale :

This is a 4080 plot with a 6,050,265 price tag. You must pay a down payment of 605,026 as well as a confirmation payment of 605,026. The remaining 4,840,212 will be paid in 302,513 quarterly instalments.

NEST City Wah Cantt 18-marla plot for sale :

This is a 5090-square-foot plot with an asking price of 8,521,500. A down payment of 852,150 will be required, as well as a confirmation payment of 852,150. The remaining 6,817,200 will be paid in 426,075 quarterly instalments.

However, buyers should keep in mind that there is a 15% discount on the full payment of the plot and a 7% discount on 50% payment of the plot. These prices do not include any additional state taxes or fees. The money should be sent to NEST CITY DEVELOPMENT. These rates are pre-launched, therefore they are only available for a limited time. There will be an additional 10% payment for category plots. Within 45 days of booking the plot, the confirmation payment must be made.

NEST City Wah Cantt Facilities and Amenities :

In this housing society, you will find a plethora of additional amenities. The following are some of NEST City Islamabad’s most significant features:

  • Huge gated community
  • Wide and carpeted roads
  • Peaceful Environment
  • Jungle Safari Riding Club
  • Grand Mosque
  • Water & Theme Park
  • Reserve of Water Resources
  • Mini Golf Business
  • Commercials Markets
  • Medical Professionals and Healthcare centre
  • Gas stations
  • Two Beautiful Lakes
  • Community Center for Education
  • Graveyard
  • CCTV surveillance and security 24/7
  • Basic services (electricity, gas, water, and sewerage) are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At all times of the day, the residential complex is well-protected by highly-trained security officers. The housing society is completely safe for both youngsters and adults. Within this community, traffic is strictly managed to reduce the chance of accidents and to keep noise levels to a minimum.

Wide and carpeted roads :

The streets were also fairly broad and open within the housing society. The major boulevard and sector roads are both wide enough.

Peaceful Environment :

The atmosphere is really tranquil here. You may spend quality time with your family in the midst of nature without having to leave the comfort of your own home. All of the amenities are located within the apartment complex.

Jungle Safari at a Water & Theme Park :

If you’re looking for something more daring, this organisation also has a water and theme park, as well as a jungle safari. There are also amusement parks for families. In this housing society, you will never be bored with your lavish lifestyle.

Riding Club :

There is also a riding club for those who enjoy riding. At this club, which is located in the NEST society housing complex, you can spend some time alone or socialise with other riders.

 Grand Mosque :

At the magnificent and opulent mosque that will be present in the residential neighbourhood, you will always enjoy the blessings of the Almighty and seek inner serenity. You’ll be away from the stresses of everyday life, but never far from spirituality. All of your religious activities can be carried out at this mosque, which is located within the apartment complex.

Reserve of Water Resources :

This is a cutting-edge housing society that cares as much about the environment as it does about the people who live there. There is a large water reserve that can meet all of the population’ needs without putting a strain on the natural water resources. Water is utilised sparingly, and every effort is taken to conserve the environment for future generations.

Miniature Golf :

What better way to unwind after a hard and exhausting week at work than a quick game of golf? You can play golf with your friends and family at the society’s mini-golf course while taking in the beauty of distant snow-capped hills and bright sunlight!

Markets for business and commerce :

Within the housing complex, you may receive all of the necessities. There will be a shopping complex that will meet all of your business or commercial needs to the greatest extent possible.

Medical Professionals :

The housing complex aspires to be a family-friendly environment. With all of the other pleasant activities taken care of, one must not overlook the medical requirements of the moment. However, inhabitants should not be concerned because NEST city will have a well-established medical community. In addition, the project will contain an international-standard hospital as well as medical colleges to provide residents with the most convenient and enjoyable experience possible.

Gas Stations :

This housing society not only provides parking, but also gasoline stations for your automobiles. When you have a fuel station situated within your housing complex, you’ll never run out of gas unexpectedly!

Center for Community Development :

The community is an important aspect of any society, and there is a community centre in the residential society that can serve as a venue for cultural and community events to foster interaction and emotions of connection among community members. On any given occasion, this could be the place to be.

Community of Education

Over 600 acres of land in the NEST city is largely dedicated for educational institutes like medical colleges, agriculture universities, engineering colleges, universities, schools, colleges, and combined forces cadet colleges, therefore there is no shortage of educational options. The NEST city is dedicated to ensuring that all citizens have access to high-quality education.

Two Stunning Lakes

If you prefer the peace and quiet of nature, you can always visit one of the complex’s two gorgeous lakes. Picnics and solo expeditions can be enjoyed at the lakeside, where you can experience the beauty and splendour of nature in peace.

Graveyard :

In this housing complex, not only the living but even the dead are treated with care, as there is a cemetery on the premises. You are free to perform any religious rites or pay your respects to the departed loved ones whenever you like.

Security and CCTV surveillance are available 24 hours a day :

This gated home development makes no concessions when it comes to security. To dissuade any wrongdoing within the residential area, there are highly trained guards at every security point in the community, as well as 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

Basic services (gas, water, electricity, and sewerage) are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In their sophisticated and opulent residences within the NEST city Islamabad, all residents would have access to basic facilities including water, gas, and electricity.

Why Invest in NEST City?

When it comes to housing solutions, a registered housing society is a way to go. The housing societies are well-kept, and there are no disagreements among individual house owners about the upkeep or development of the neighbourhood.

The developers have supplied all of the top amenities in NEST city. It includes all of the necessary and modern conveniences, such as power, water, and gas, as well as a mini-golf course, riding club, and even stunning lakes. It also contains a shopping centre that caters to a wide range of needs, as well as educational options that are easily accessible to inhabitants.

It also has a terrific position because it is only a short distance from all of the main destinations that are easily accessible via the highway. If the activities within the complex become monotonous, there are several fantastic amusement parks in the area of NEST City. Nearby, there are some fantastic restaurants where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. There is no other housing society of this size in the Pakistani capital’s immediate neighbourhood. It even boasts a large mosque and cemetery to keep religious faith alive in everyday life.

It is well connected to various amenities as well as nature, since you may take advantage of the gorgeous surrounding hills at this housing society’s location. It is also densely packed with educational institutions, open areas, and a community centre. Take a peek at the launch prices of this housing society if that isn’t enough. It is currently at its lowest point, and you will be given a four-year payment plan to help you pay for the plot. Because it is in such a desirable location and has all of the amenities accessible within the complex, the costs will skyrocket once development begins.

Bottom Line :

 NEST city housing society is the best option for those who are looking for captivating scenery and wonderful location as the location of the society offers these two factors along with affordable plots and a lot of facilities. For more details contact zamindar’s official UAN number and book your dream plot.