Peshawar is a growing city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa because of the influx of population to the capital of the province. As this influx continues, there is a rise in the number of residential facilities. One of these is NOVA City Peshawar which is soon to be approved by the local authorities.

The mentioned project is located near M-1 Peshawar Islamabad Motorway. It is in close proximity to Charsadda Interchange and can be easily accessed from Peshawar. It is a good opportunity for investors to get their capital invested in a reliable project.

Developers and Owners of the Project

NOVA City Developers are developing the project of NOVA City Peshawar. The same group owns the project. This group has established its position as a reliable name in real estate development and management.

They have worked on various projects, and this one will add further to their business standards.

NOVA City Peshawar NOC

NOVA City Peshawar NOC is expected to be approved by authorities soon. According to official sources, the developers are working on fulfilling the legal requisites. Once these are completed, this project will be given the ‘No Objection Certificate.’

As the project is still in the launching stage, it is normal that the NOC hasn’t been issued yet. Once the NOC is given, the prices for plots will rise, so it is better to invest in this residential society beforehand.

NOVA City Peshawar Location

NOVA City Peshawars location is prime if seen from the perspective of accessibility from Peshawar and other parts of Pakistan. The NOVA City Peshawar location is accessible from Islamabad and the different cities of KP because of its proximity to M1. As it lies close to Charsadda Interchange, there is little distance to it from Peshawar.

Its location is prime considered from the perspective of the agricultural lands around Peshawar and Charsadda. This area is lush green, so it will add to the aesthetic experience of the inmates of the project.

Different cities of Pakistan lie at the following distances from NOVA City Peshawar.

M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway: 5 Minutes

Risalpur City: About 35 Minutes

Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar: 40 Minutes

Peshawar Ring Road: About 40 Minutes-drive

Bacha Khan University: About 15 Minutes

Peshawar Northern Bypass: About 15 Minutes

So, this residential project is in a location that is accessible from all major cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

NOVA City Peshawar Nearby Landmarks & Places

Nova City Peshawar’s nearby Landmarks & Places include some historical and financial hubs. These include the following.

Peshawar City, the capital of KP

Mardan, a historical city and financial hub of KP


Charsadda City

Bacha Khan International Airport

M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway

There are some other historical places that lie close to NOVA City and can be accessed easily.

NOVA City Peshawar Master Plan

Nova City Peshawar master plan is still under planning. Architecture and development experts are working on the best possible planning for this city. So, there is no confirmed master plan for NOVA City. Once this plan is made, it will be shared with the readers.

Though there is no complete information about the NOVA City Peshawar master plan, there is information available about the plot sizes in this residential society.

The plots in NOVA City Peshawar are of the following sizes.

5 Marla

7 Marla

10 Marla

1 Kanal

Each of these plot sizes is according to the needs of people from different financial backgrounds. So, the customers would be able to choose the plot size according to their choice.

NOVA City Peshawar Payment Plan

Nova City Peshawar Payment Plan hasn’t yet been made public because of the ongoing planning yet. Once the planning process is complete, the payment plan for different plot sizes will be made public.

As the officials from NOVA City Peshawar make the payment plan public, we will share it here on our website.

NOVA City Peshawar – Amenities and Facilities

NOVA City Developers have come to Peshawar with the mission of the development of living standards. As this project is developed, there will be new standards of world-class living brought to Peshawar.

The initial step of this development will be bringing NOVA City Peshawar to the level of Islamabad and other modern cities. Here is a brief overview of the amenities and facilities that will be available in NOVA City Peshawar.


NOVA City Peshawar is going to be planned in an eco-friendly manner. Plots in NOVA City Peshawar will be designed in a manner to accommodate maximum space for green areas. Thus, it will make this project one of Peshawar’s most eco-friendly residential zones.

NOVA City is going to be the hub for nature lovers.

Grand Mosque

Keeping the needs of the people to fulfill their religious duties, NOVA City will have a grand central mosque and others in different blocks. The grand mosque will be designed following the infrastructure of some of the famous mosques in the world. The core committee of architects and developers will choose the final design.

Water Availability

Water is the main facility in a residential society, and for this reason, special arrangements will be made to ensure water supply to the inmates of this city. Installation of filtration plants and other facilities is the first priority of the developers.

Educational Facilities

Education is the basic need of the inmates of a civilized society. Keeping this in view, there will be two types of educational facilities: schools and colleges.

Thus, the educational needs of the residents will be fulfilled using these educational institutions.

Health Facilities

Hospitals, health, and fitness clubs are necessary for modern residential facilities. NOVA City Peshawar is one of those projects that will have modern health facilities. The availability of hospitals will provide modern facilities, equipment, and staff will make it.  

Business and Commercial Zone

The business and commercial area will be built primarily to fulfill the needs of the residents of this city. Along with that the world-class facilities will help people from other areas fulfill their shopping needs.


NOVA City is going to be a gated community, so it will be secure for residents. The presence of security cameras and boundary walls will be a great help for those who need to have a perfectly secure residence in Peshawar.

The surveillance of main roads and other areas will help keep the residents safe from any criminal activity.

Roads and other Infrastructure

The development will begin once the NOC is issued for this project. As per the NOVA City sources, there is an elaborate plan for the development of roads and other infrastructure in this city which will bring it to the level of metropolises.

Distinctive Features of NOVA City Peshawar

Here are some of the distinctive features of NOVA City Peshawar that will make it one of the luxurious and posh residential areas in the Peshawar region.

  • Beautiful parks
  • Well-organized residential blocks
  • Zoo
  • Cinema
  • Community Clubs
  • Masjid
  • Dining Areas
  • Retail Area
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Water Supply
  • Gas Supply
  • Security
  • Sewerage System
  • Underground Supply of Electricity

Along with these, there are other numerous features that will make NOVA City Peshawar a leading name in luxury.

Guidelines for Purchase of Plots in NOVA City Peshawar

Before the prospective customer proceeds to purchase a plot in NOVA City Peshawar, they are advised to consider some basic facts. They are given as follows.

Document Verification

The first step to initiate the registration process is the verification of documents. To ensure that there is no inconvenience, the prospective customers should verify their documents. If the documents are valid, further procedures can be initiated.

Financial Security

Money is an important requisite for plot registration. If the prospective customer is sure about their financial prospects, then they should book a plot. If they feel insecure and have no confirmed sources of income, they shouldn’t invest in purchasing a plot.

Property Visits

Before purchasing a plot, the prospective customer should visit the site and see if it fits their taste. If they like the site, they should proceed with the registration process.

Documents Required to Book a Plot

The required documents for the registration of the plot at NOVA City Peshawar are no different from other residential projects. The documents required for plot booking are given as follows.

Passport size pictures (2 in number)

CNIC Copies (2 in number)

Next of kin CNIC copies (2 in number)

NICOP (If the person registering the plot is overseas Pakistani)

Thus, if the customer has the aforementioned documents, they can register their plot at authorized offices.

Benefits of Investment in NOVA City Peshawar and other Real Estate Projects

Real estate is one of the most beneficial investments. Here is a brief overview of the perks of investing in NOVA City Peshawar or other residential projects.

Financial Security

Investment in real estate offers financial security. So, the investor can invest for the sake of securing their money for the time of need. There are rare chances of loss of funds if someone invests money in real estate.  

Stable Income

There are various ways to get income from real estate. One of these is renting the property, so an investor can get a stable income through their investment in real estate.


There are no worries in real estate like other businesses. It is comparatively manageable if we compare it to services or retail businesses.

Non-depreciable Asset

The value of real estate doesn’t depreciate with time. Instead, it increases. So, it retains the original value of the investment and adds further to it.

Passive Income

There are various ways to earn passive income from real estate. So, a person can choose how they want to earn from their real estate plot.

Procedure to book a plot in NOVA City Peshawar

The procedure for booking a plot in NOVA City Peshawar is simple. The prospective customer has to bring the required documents to the authorized offices and communicate them to the person dealing with sales.

They will present their documents which will be verified, and then the registration process will be initiated. The initial payment includes a down payment, and then they will choose the payment plan of their choice.

Pros and Cons

The pros of NOVA City Peshawar include the following.

  • Uninterrupted supply of electricity
  • Gas Supply
  • Water Supply
  • Security
  • Gated Community
  • Parks
  • Commercial Spots
  • Zoo
  • Broad Roads
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Facilities
  • Properly Planned System

So, the investment in this project will be a complete package for the investor.